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Original knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters

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WoollyWoodlanders, home of imaginative knitting patterns for Sylvanian Families

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I love crafts worked with needles, yarn and fabric; I learned at an early age and was knitting clothes from Woman's Weekly for my little twin Rosebud dolls in the 1950s before I was ten years old. I just never stopped. I learned to crochet, then to tat from a lady I met in the local Cheshire Home where I worked as a volunteer while doing my school exams. Since then I have sewed family clothes, made patchwork, quilting and the rare craft of Honiton Lace.

Now I am enjoying my retirement designing tiny clothes and the challenge and complexity of hand-coding my own website. If you find any bugs please do email me!

I have a second shop on the site, named BygoneYarnyStuff, which sells PDFs of vintage patterns and sets of 14 inch and 10 inch double-ended knitting needles, suitable for knitting ganseys and seamless sweaters. I also hand-stitch leather knitting belts with horsehair stuffing, and these are for sale for international posting.

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